**** ChiChickie! 2 New Releases ****

— February 21, 2010–


Hey all you ChiChickies and ChiChicos!  I’m excited to do two GREAT new releases this week!

For those PATIENT guys out there, my newest guy hair offering! For you men who like straight, longish hair, slightly brushing the collar and MOVING.. yes .. MOVING like real hair, with shine and body, wait no more! Enjoy the slightly latin feel of “Lucas!”
ChiChickie! Lucas in Black

ChiChickie! Lucas in Black

This soft, bell-like style falls straight to the shoulders with a light flip, and moves sweetly and sassily! The shining bangs frame your face beautifully! A perfect style to just hang out in, or pair it up with a really sweet dress and wow your lover!
ChiChickie! Monica in Mahogany

ChiChickie! Monica in Mahogany

As always with my new releases….

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  30 “Smart Buy Packs” (Fat Packs) EACH of both new styles (Lucas and Monica) (28 colors!) are on display in the center of the store!  *****95 LINDENS EACH*****

These are set to sell “originals”, so you need to buy them and pick them up! When they’re gone, the sale is over!


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