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Feel the sun!!

Hey all! It’s been raining cats and dogs at my place. Yeah that’s why the contradictory Since I was cooped up these last few days, I felt like a Summer look.. And I heard that Delicious Designs was having a hunt as well as a sale.

Guess what I found there? A lovely light summer outfit as a group gift.. YAY.. so for today’s post I am wearing Skye Letov’s Floral Summer Dress. The ChiChickie! Hair which is in the spotlighti is…. tada…

* looks behind her for the hair display picture instead finds the studio wall*

Oops sorry! ok without any more delay , let me show you my all time favourite of Chi’s hair styles….  I give you …


*starts clapping earnestly and glares at others to make them do so too*

So here I am wearing the lovely over the shoulder medium length hair..

* Aren’t I pretty?^^* and the summer dress ready for a day out in the SL Sun to enjoy the breeze and light! If any one sees me inworld, don’t hesitate to say Hi!…

See ya all!

zanna 🙂


Style Card

ChiChickie! Libby Claire – Brunettes – Chocolate

DELICIOUS Group Gift  – Floral Summer Dress


In Her Shoes – Basic Series, Pointed  Toe Heels

OMG Shapes – Kali



Update! 8th location added to the store hunt!

UPDATE – ChiChickie! The Great Store Hunt – Now has 8 locations (one of my resellers was able to participate), so there are 8 total gifties now (10 hairs, including a few guy styles!)…. new notecard in the poster has all the lms, in case you get stuck and want to skip, and the headquarters location has a hint box!
Here’s a pic of the prize added just a bit ago @ Sunrise Dream–
New Prize for Hunt @ Sunrise Dream - Libby Claire 2

New Prize for Hunt @ Sunrise Dream - Libby Claire 2

Happy hunting, everyone!
Chiana Meredith
Chief Chickie! <— This is why Zanna always calls me Chief, hee hee!)

The Great Store Hunt @ ChiChickie!

Hiya all! Chief has gone and put out an impromptu hunt starting from today, August 21 to August 27 since she is busy preparing for the Hair Fair and has no New Release for us. Isn’t it awesome of her?

Regarding the hunt, you need to find a hair clip (it is of any colour) in all the ChiChickie! stores. The hunt starts at the main store and moves on to the different satellite stores and finally ends in the CC! for Men store. You need to find 7 hair clips and it includes 9 different hair styles, 7 for women and 2 for men. So everyone’s happy with the hunt. I would like to say that the clips are well camouflaged and I would advise everyone to look close at each object! When you find the first clip (Chi has a hint in the green box near the entrance), you will get the LM to the next store and so on.

The following are the hunt prizes and each comes in at least 2 colours. I have not listed in the order they may be found.

Starting from left to right, Lealie is a cute and flirty two ponytail style , good for a school girl look. Pannie is a wonderful casual style mainly suited for the tom boyish or a pant suit look. Blossom is a great long ponytail with a flower ornament perfect for a homey look.

Anna 2 is an elegant updo which looks good with formal wear and long skirts. Cassie Western 2 is perfect for the cowgirl look with the wide brim hat and  the curly hair. Kyra is a long curly hairdo which goes with almost all outfits especially good for sun dresses.

Monica is a shoulder length style with a bell like appearance and with bangs hanging over an eye giving a reserved look to a person.  Scott is a longish, shoulder length hair with a tousled look, giving the air of a pirate or a rake to the wearer, while Aaron is a very short tightly wound hair do for men.

So guys.. tp over to have a great time getting these cool prizes!

Happy Hunting!

Waiting for him…

She adorned herself for her love.

As soon as she got the note she started getting ready. After an hour or so of looking through all her clothes she settled on a simple yet elegant white full skirt with an almost see through lacey top. She paired it with white heeled pumps. She then styled her hair into a simple bun. A few wispy bangs hung over her eyes. The hair was perfectly combed except for the wisps of hair at the forehead. It perfectly matched the outfit. Then she used a light pink blush to add colour to her cheeks and applied a touch of pink eye shadow. Then she hurried to the gardens. She reached the garden, where they were to meet.
She waited eagerly for his arrival in the gardens.

She was 5 minutes late and thought that he would already be waiting for her. But when she reached their special spot, the old gazebo stood empty. She looked around eagerly and sat down to wait for him. When she could not sit still she walked around. The morning strollers admired the lovely picure she made in the ballroom gown length. She started to fingering her hair strands nervously as she waited with impatience to see her beloved. More hair  came free from her bun to frame her lovely face giving her an air of vulnerability.
As the time passed she tried to hide her disappointment.

After a while she got disheartened and tried to hide her feeling of hurt and disappointment from the others in the garden. She made a picture of dejection as she stood facing the gazebo wall. Yet hoping against hope that he would come..
She turned at the sound of his footsteps.

Finally she heard footsteps approaching her. She turned, being sure that it could not be him, that he had forgotten about the rendezvous. But there he stood in front of her admiring her quiet beauty. Her blue eyes sparkled like diamonds as she flew into his arms.
“I thought you would not make it today, my love”
“How could you think that? I will always come to you! Especially when you look like an angel”
~ Style Credits ~

Dress with shoes –  HollyWood Walk Of Fame – Felicia’s Fashions – Remembering Rita Gown – Gift
Skin –  Cupcakes – June Skin Gift #1 – Embrace Line
Shape – OMG! Shapes – Kali
Eyes – -Belleza – Maria
Hair – ChiChickie! Anna 2 – Chocolate

New Release ~ Lise ~

Hey all hair lovers, today we have another awesome hair style from our Chief Chickie, Chiana. I guess she is off the straight hair The result is a lovely short style. I give you ~ LISE ~

I always believe that seeing a style ( whether it is hair or clothes ) is conducive to learning more about it. So without any more delay hop on over to ChiChickie – The posh hair salon. And while you are there, don’t forget to pick ~ LISE ~ from the center of the shop. You want to know why? Because I think this style merits buying it at first glance. And that too at a bargain. The first 30 persons get this elegant style at just L$ 95 rather than the original L$795 . Yep you heard it right. The entire fatpack consisting of ginormous number of colours is just at a one seventh of the original cost. So Hurry! to get your box..

And that being said, those who have not yet jumped aboard to grab it and who need to be convinced the product is worth the price, ( that goes without saying for Chi’s hair styles ), read on!

~ LISE ~ is a simple short bob hair style.It practically hugs your head giving a sleek look.  On one side the hair is pinned using a hair clip. This gives an open minded demeanor to the person. On the other side few bangs fall over the eyes giving it a slightly disheveled look so as to give it more personality. The hair clip comes with a colour changing HUD and you can pick any colour to match your outfit and accessories. The flexi prims are sparingly used and you won’t even notice them being there but they give a light bouncy feeling as you move.

The style is elegant and can be paired with a business suit for your work place or combine it with a simple cotton dress to complete a casual look. It is as multipurpose as it is simple. Remember the saying? Good things come in small packages… Well it applies perfectly to ~ LISE ~.

As all Chi’s hair styles , Lise also comes in 28 colours in 7 packs of 4 colours each and each pack is L$200 and the fatpack is L$ 750 . The textures are from the Series III set and they are lustrous as well as luscious!

Hope to see you all there!

Recent Releases @ ChiChickie!


I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog lately, but I’ve put out several new styles!

August 1, 2010

Today’s release was 3 styles!

First, for the women, we’ve got two great, shiny, long styles.  Ginger features a color-change flower ornament, as well!

ChiChickie! Ginger

ChiChickie! Ginger

ChiChickie! Rachel

For the guys, I’ve put out Scott, a collar-brushing emo inspired style with lots of soft movement.

CC! for Men - Scott

July’s Releases

July was a busy month, even though I was a bad blogger and didn’t post about them. I put out several new styles!

For the ladies, I released two beautiful flowy styles, and cute and spunky updo!

ChiChickie! Kyra

ChiChickie! Juliette

ChiChickie! Pannie

For the guys, I released “Aaron” – a hip and current short style straight from the hottest salons!