Waiting for him…

She adorned herself for her love.

As soon as she got the note she started getting ready. After an hour or so of looking through all her clothes she settled on a simple yet elegant white full skirt with an almost see through lacey top. She paired it with white heeled pumps. She then styled her hair into a simple bun. A few wispy bangs hung over her eyes. The hair was perfectly combed except for the wisps of hair at the forehead. It perfectly matched the outfit. Then she used a light pink blush to add colour to her cheeks and applied a touch of pink eye shadow. Then she hurried to the gardens. She reached the garden, where they were to meet.
She waited eagerly for his arrival in the gardens.

She was 5 minutes late and thought that he would already be waiting for her. But when she reached their special spot, the old gazebo stood empty. She looked around eagerly and sat down to wait for him. When she could not sit still she walked around. The morning strollers admired the lovely picure she made in the ballroom gown length. She started to fingering her hair strands nervously as she waited with impatience to see her beloved. More hair  came free from her bun to frame her lovely face giving her an air of vulnerability.
As the time passed she tried to hide her disappointment.

After a while she got disheartened and tried to hide her feeling of hurt and disappointment from the others in the garden. She made a picture of dejection as she stood facing the gazebo wall. Yet hoping against hope that he would come..
She turned at the sound of his footsteps.

Finally she heard footsteps approaching her. She turned, being sure that it could not be him, that he had forgotten about the rendezvous. But there he stood in front of her admiring her quiet beauty. Her blue eyes sparkled like diamonds as she flew into his arms.
“I thought you would not make it today, my love”
“How could you think that? I will always come to you! Especially when you look like an angel”
~ Style Credits ~

Dress with shoes –  HollyWood Walk Of Fame – Felicia’s Fashions – Remembering Rita Gown – Gift
Skin –  Cupcakes – June Skin Gift #1 – Embrace Line
Shape – OMG! Shapes – Kali
Eyes – -Belleza – Maria
Hair – ChiChickie! Anna 2 – Chocolate

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