The Great Store Hunt @ ChiChickie!

Hiya all! Chief has gone and put out an impromptu hunt starting from today, August 21 to August 27 since she is busy preparing for the Hair Fair and has no New Release for us. Isn’t it awesome of her?

Regarding the hunt, you need to find a hair clip (it is of any colour) in all the ChiChickie! stores. The hunt starts at the main store and moves on to the different satellite stores and finally ends in the CC! for Men store. You need to find 7 hair clips and it includes 9 different hair styles, 7 for women and 2 for men. So everyone’s happy with the hunt. I would like to say that the clips are well camouflaged and I would advise everyone to look close at each object! When you find the first clip (Chi has a hint in the green box near the entrance), you will get the LM to the next store and so on.

The following are the hunt prizes and each comes in at least 2 colours. I have not listed in the order they may be found.

Starting from left to right, Lealie is a cute and flirty two ponytail style , good for a school girl look. Pannie is a wonderful casual style mainly suited for the tom boyish or a pant suit look. Blossom is a great long ponytail with a flower ornament perfect for a homey look.

Anna 2 is an elegant updo which looks good with formal wear and long skirts. Cassie Western 2 is perfect for the cowgirl look with the wide brim hat and  the curly hair. Kyra is a long curly hairdo which goes with almost all outfits especially good for sun dresses.

Monica is a shoulder length style with a bell like appearance and with bangs hanging over an eye giving a reserved look to a person.  Scott is a longish, shoulder length hair with a tousled look, giving the air of a pirate or a rake to the wearer, while Aaron is a very short tightly wound hair do for men.

So guys.. tp over to have a great time getting these cool prizes!

Happy Hunting!


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