Feel the sun!!

Hey all! It’s been raining cats and dogs at my place. Yeah that’s why the contradictory title..lol.. Since I was cooped up these last few days, I felt like a Summer look.. And I heard that Delicious Designs was having a hunt as well as a sale.

Guess what I found there? A lovely light summer outfit as a group gift.. YAY.. so for today’s post I am wearing Skye Letov’s Floral Summer Dress. The ChiChickie! Hair which is in the spotlighti is…. tada…

* looks behind her for the hair display picture instead finds the studio wall*

Oops sorry! ok without any more delay , let me show you my all time favourite of Chi’s hair styles….  I give you …


*starts clapping earnestly and glares at others to make them do so too*

So here I am wearing the lovely over the shoulder medium length hair..

* Aren’t I pretty?^^* and the summer dress ready for a day out in the SL Sun to enjoy the breeze and light! If any one sees me inworld, don’t hesitate to say Hi!…

See ya all!

zanna 🙂


Style Card

ChiChickie! Libby Claire – Brunettes – Chocolate

DELICIOUS Group Gift  – Floral Summer Dress


In Her Shoes – Basic Series, Pointed  Toe Heels

OMG Shapes – Kali



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