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Feel Good..

Hey everyone.. hows you all? Hope you are doing good guys.

I am an Indian and so I watch a lot of Bollywood movies. I think some of you might have heard about them. Anyway I recently watched 3 Idiots (which is a super good movie. It’s worth getting the DVD) and I loved the song All Iz Well.. And I started thinking of the days I have felt left out on Sl because friends were with their other friends or so. We all would have felt like that at one time or the other.

So I am going to share a secret with you. Whenever I have felt low or just plain “poor-me” syndrom*coughs* I have only done one thing till now which usually restores my spirit. I tend to be an obscenely cheerful person. Ask my they complain about my positive

What I do is.. put on a super casual outfit… in my case it would be a top with a sufficiently high neck and and a pair of leggins or jeans.. and try out one of the skins which I would have got as a gift but would not have worn till then ( most probably a pale skin which I hate usually )

Feel Good

And .. now comes the most important part. Well what’s missing? Come on.. it’s not so difficult.. Yep you are so right. It’s time for a new hairstyle. I generally choose one of Chi’s, mostly, my second all time favourite ~ Eden ~

Look Good.. Feel Good!

Eden is THE hair style when you need to cool down or get your spirit back to normal. The high pony usually brightens my… I love how it always goes with almost all casual outfits I wear. I especially how it bounces with your walk. It lightens my soul and makes me smile when I go gallivanting around SL for a while. *Psst*… Did I mention barefoot? yep either go barefoot or put on your socks so that your feet can breathe while you explore :))

This approach usually helps me to bounce back to normal. It works everytime. So try it one of these days you feel the need for a pity party..

Till next time

Z ( looks around and hopes Chief is back soon! )


Store Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Eden -Chestnut

Skin – CandyDoll Denisa Skin gift

Eyes – PASH Hope eyes in Lavender

Shape – Zaida ( personal shape )

Outfit –  Delicious Designs –  Sweater dress



New Release ~ Liz ~

Woohoo, a new release after a long while. It sure feels that way. It is  named… take a deep breath.. and relax.. ok ok.. no more keeping you from  the hair. Please welcome the newest addition to Chi’s Hair salon,  ~ Liz ~


Liz is a wonderful wavy shoulder length hair style with a touch of deliciousness because of the slightly wild look. The flexi bangs and the sculpted curls ensure that the hair sways in the breeze where it should and it stays fixed where it should not be hanging into the face. The curls bounce their merry way as you walk and the strands float and drapes softly over your shoulder. They frame your face to give a sweet and the completely feminine look.

The hair style can be worn for a casual date with your love or a day of shopping with your girl friends. As usual  it comes in 28 colours in 7 packs of 4 colours each and each pack is L$200 and the fatpack is L$ 795 . The textures are from the Series III set and they set off the colours well. Usually there are 30 fatpacks for just L$95. Right now only 18 more are remaining. So get it before the release sale ends.

Till next time,


SL Discovery Witches Brew 2 Hunt!

Hiya all! It’s zanna again and I am back with some woweeeeee news. First things first..

Those who missed the hair styles releases at Hair Fair can get them at the store.. Yeah, they are finally at home! .. ehm.. i mean at the store. Take a look at them again… A replay of their pictures. You can read more about them at Hair Styles @ Hair Fair

Painting the town RED!

Passion! in Purple - Damiana

Venus ~ Love


Hot David

Now onto the next fab news. ChiChickie! is the third on the list of SL Discovery Witches Brew Hunt this time.. Yay… isn’t it awesome news? * grins* and guess what Chief had to make an impromptu gift since she was delayed by RL.. The lil cauldron is not hard to find at the store. If ya need any help with finding it.. hit me with an IM :)..

Anyway the prize you get for the hunt is ~ Felina ~…

*Hint Hint* does the name remind ya of something? … come on.. Yep you got it! Felina = Feline! So… what do witches looovveeee? Cats! It’s mind boggling isn’t it? Lol.. anyway take a look at the gift.


Isn’t that a cute and halloween-y hair style? Well Felina comes in 5 colours – Black, Black Blue Tint, Black Purple tint, Black Emrald tint and Black Pink tint. I am showing you the tinted colours in different angles so you get an overall idea of the hair.The following picture reminds me of the diagrams I drew at school, the front, side and top views.. lol.. anyway I digress.

Felina-All colours

It comes with a colour HUD to change the colour of the eyes of the cat and its collar. And if you looked closely you would see me wearing a pair of kitty earrings in all the pictures. They are also included as a gift. They are created exclusively for ChiChickie! by Northwest Nights of Serafina Nightfire.

Lil' Kitty!

And last but not the least, there is a gift for guys too… Yep I kept them waiting on purpose…lol.. You guys get a straw hair :)).. with a hat! Take a look..

Straw Man...

Hope ya all enjoy the hunt!

see ya  around,


The First Date

I looked at the watch and tried to look nonchalant as I  waited for him to arrive. I was seated at the table for two booked for our first date.


As the time slipped away, my thoughts went back to my day of preparation. The day I had spent in readying myself for this occasion, the day spent at the salon, primping myself, getting the entire works done to impress him.

I guess it was all for nothing. Here I am waiting for him atleast to call to cancel the date. * Sighs*

I  shopped for this awesome flirty red dress giving up my day of leisure and and my best friend spent eons to put on the make up ( she promised that it would surely make him fall hard for me… NOT ).

Ready for the date!

What I really loved about it all was the new hair style I got.. *grins*. The stylist spent hours to get this simple shoulder length style done. I love the way the hair hugs my head giving a sleek look.

I love my new hair style!

Ok I am going to give him 10 minutes tops and then I go back and avoid him when he does call!


Style Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Carlie – Chocolate

Dress – Pure Poison – Scarlett Modern Cocktail Dress

Skin – Pure Poison -Angel Skin

Shoes – In Her Shoes – Basic Series, Pointed  Toe Heels

Shape -OMG! Shapes – Kali


A Look at the Hair Fair!

Hiya all :).. Hope everyone is doing well. Right now I am at the Hair Fair sim 3 where the ChiChickie! tent is present.

I tried to follow Chief to the tent.. but alas she left me behind.. *cries*..

Anyway finally found my way to Chi’s tent and wow.. it was cute! Take a look at it guys!

An Inside Look At Chi's Stall

In the picture, the David hair style is towards the left side. But I could not get the entire inside in a single picture. On the opposite wall, Chi has featured Damiana and Venus against awesome backgrounds.


I am showcasing all 3 of  Chi’s bandanas.. ain’t they cool?  :D. I am wearing ChiChickie! Blue Glass Bandana in the following picture..

Blue Glass!

It shows the front look and the next one shows the back look of the ChiChickie! Blue Gold Bandana.

Blue Gold!

And here I am like a noob.. O.o.. Fairs reduce everyone to Basic black jeans and top and barefoot! I love this look. And no hair too. You should have seen me waddling around.. haha..

The Noob Me!

Anyway I tried flying around to see all the goodies.. and found few cute and awesome bandanas..Here I am showing the best 4.. well according to me.. I can’t gaurantee that you will like them though..

The first one is MAIMAI Love Me Bandana and it’s a cute one with hearts. When you look at it, you will feel like hearts keep dropping from it.


The second one is the Top hat style bandana from Darker Side, simply named Darker Side Bandana. The netting and the rose can be tinted. This reminds me of magicians… Lol. I know it’s silly of me.. But can’t help it..

Darker Side!

The third one is Chi’s favourite . It was so cute that I could not resist buying it. It’s a small little pony on your head.. Lol.. anyway for girls the bandana is pink while for guys it’s blue. It’s from Cilian’gel.


Last but not the least is this funny concoction of lace. This made me smile. So I am including this too. It’s from named Pearl and Lace. It defies description but gives an awesome look.. hmm.. maybe with a wedding dress? grins..

Pearl and Lace!

And strewn all over the sims are fun poses..But I kept crashing and could not fight the lag for long. So no poses pictures. But do go and try them out :)..

See ya all at the hair fair,

zanna …

With lotsa love!

ChiChickie! at Hair Fair *Preview*

Hey everyone! This is a teaser post to highlight the styles and their virtues ( yep even hair has virtues,didn’t you know?)

Let me start off with ~ Chrissy ~


Chrissy is THE favourite among the styles out for the Hair Fair. The simple short bob with the right amount of bounce and wave gives a door-next-girl look. The side parting lends an air of style and elegance. I can just imagine myself dressed casually in a shorts and a top playing on the beach with the salty air teasing my hair ends or dressed for a night out to paint the town red looking Sassy in Chrissy!

Painting the town RED!

Next on the list of goodies is ~ Damiana ~


When Chief first showed me this style, I was reminded of Julia… And she made it unisex and named it as Damian/Damiana. So guys eat your heart out for this curly luscious ( ok maybe not applicable to guys…lol ) uncontrollable hair style! The curls never behave in the fashion you want them to, neither do we. The medium length curly hair reminds me of Passion, a girl curling up with her man and her hair spread on the pillow, but not necessarily in that order.. winks…

Passion! in Purple - Damiana

Next is ~ Venus ~


Venus is the Goddess of Love and the hair style is aptly named. The simple knotted pony tail with the braid over the head and the curls framing the face is lovely and is good when combined with a gown style outfit. It simply reminds me of ball gowns, medieval long skirts especially the peasant ones! So this style’s virtue is Love. Enjoy the waltz with the love of your life wearing Venus.

Venus ~ Love

Now it is ~ Audrey ~ ‘s Turn

Regal Audrey

The updo is a classic favourite of all women. Who doesn’t like an updo for the formal look? Audrey is a beautifully crafted, intricate bun with curls interwoven with the flower ornaments. The flowers are colour changeable using the HUD. The style brings to mind the Regency era, the Duchesses and the Viscontesses. Audrey, Regal is thy virtue!


The colour changeable earrings and necklace are included in the gift bag at the Hair Fair. Also there are a couple of cute gifts included in the goodies bag. The colour changer HUD of Audrey is used to change their colour too.

This time, Hair Fair’s chosen charity is WIGS FOR KIDS. Chi has generously placed Audrey and the following hair style, David as the two styles whose each purchase will ensure that 75% of each transaction benefits the cause.

For the all the guys out there..  ~ David ~


David is for those guys who like long hair and don’t mind being in touch with their feminine side.. * grins wickedly*.. Sorry! Could not resist it. Anyway I find long hair on men sexy and hot. And if it comes in a pony, all the better. So guys wow your *cough* better halves with this dual pony tail hair style. The bands are colour changeable using the provided HUD. David’s virtue is definitely Hot.

Hot David

All the fatpacks are L$795 and each colour pack is L%200. All the hair styles are resize scripted and Audrey and David come with colour changeable HUDs.

So I tried to keep it short to whet your appetite so you will be anxious to pop over as soon as the  Fair starts!

Hope to see ya all around..


The Chic Professional!

Another day dawned raising her hopes, that she would at last be noticed by the Higher powers-to-be at her office.

She got up from her bed.. making her way into the bathroom. She leisurely took a bath, knowing all the while that she has to look her best for the meeting. When she came out she looked through her wardrobe unable to decide if she has to go for the casual laid back look or the sexy yet cool style. As she was about to give up she saw the suit at the back of the armoire.

She gingerly took it and unwrapped it. She remembered getting it as a gift from one of her closest friends last year. Though they had planned to stay in contact, they had drifted apart because of the distance and their hectic life.

She wore the pant suit with the shirt collar and the shirt cuffs. She styled her hair into a simple stylish bob with a hair clip to tuck the wayward curls to one side. She  wore a simple pair of black heels. She applied a light coat of lipstick and mascara. Then she took a deep breath and looked into her mirror.

She stared at the sexy chic professional woman looking back at her. She never knew she could look so cool yet be elegant at the same time.

She thanked her dear friend who had made this possible. She was in good spirits as she went out of her house with her briefcase, confident that she could wow anyone at the presentation.


Style Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Lise – Chestnut

Outfit – StarSongStudios – Women’s Executive Business Suit – Navy by StarSong

Skin – Warped Perception – Fawn – Glam – Solid ( Group Gift )