The Chic Professional!

Another day dawned raising her hopes, that she would at last be noticed by the Higher powers-to-be at her office.

She got up from her bed.. making her way into the bathroom. She leisurely took a bath, knowing all the while that she has to look her best for the meeting. When she came out she looked through her wardrobe unable to decide if she has to go for the casual laid back look or the sexy yet cool style. As she was about to give up she saw the suit at the back of the armoire.

She gingerly took it and unwrapped it. She remembered getting it as a gift from one of her closest friends last year. Though they had planned to stay in contact, they had drifted apart because of the distance and their hectic life.

She wore the pant suit with the shirt collar and the shirt cuffs. She styled her hair into a simple stylish bob with a hair clip to tuck the wayward curls to one side. She  wore a simple pair of black heels. She applied a light coat of lipstick and mascara. Then she took a deep breath and looked into her mirror.

She stared at the sexy chic professional woman looking back at her. She never knew she could look so cool yet be elegant at the same time.

She thanked her dear friend who had made this possible. She was in good spirits as she went out of her house with her briefcase, confident that she could wow anyone at the presentation.


Style Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Lise – Chestnut

Outfit – StarSongStudios – Women’s Executive Business Suit – Navy by StarSong

Skin – Warped Perception – Fawn – Glam – Solid ( Group Gift )



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