ChiChickie! at Hair Fair *Preview*

Hey everyone! This is a teaser post to highlight the styles and their virtues ( yep even hair has virtues,didn’t you know?)

Let me start off with ~ Chrissy ~


Chrissy is THE favourite among the styles out for the Hair Fair. The simple short bob with the right amount of bounce and wave gives a door-next-girl look. The side parting lends an air of style and elegance. I can just imagine myself dressed casually in a shorts and a top playing on the beach with the salty air teasing my hair ends or dressed for a night out to paint the town red looking Sassy in Chrissy!

Painting the town RED!

Next on the list of goodies is ~ Damiana ~


When Chief first showed me this style, I was reminded of Julia… And she made it unisex and named it as Damian/Damiana. So guys eat your heart out for this curly luscious ( ok maybe not applicable to guys…lol ) uncontrollable hair style! The curls never behave in the fashion you want them to, neither do we. The medium length curly hair reminds me of Passion, a girl curling up with her man and her hair spread on the pillow, but not necessarily in that order.. winks…

Passion! in Purple - Damiana

Next is ~ Venus ~


Venus is the Goddess of Love and the hair style is aptly named. The simple knotted pony tail with the braid over the head and the curls framing the face is lovely and is good when combined with a gown style outfit. It simply reminds me of ball gowns, medieval long skirts especially the peasant ones! So this style’s virtue is Love. Enjoy the waltz with the love of your life wearing Venus.

Venus ~ Love

Now it is ~ Audrey ~ ‘s Turn

Regal Audrey

The updo is a classic favourite of all women. Who doesn’t like an updo for the formal look? Audrey is a beautifully crafted, intricate bun with curls interwoven with the flower ornaments. The flowers are colour changeable using the HUD. The style brings to mind the Regency era, the Duchesses and the Viscontesses. Audrey, Regal is thy virtue!


The colour changeable earrings and necklace are included in the gift bag at the Hair Fair. Also there are a couple of cute gifts included in the goodies bag. The colour changer HUD of Audrey is used to change their colour too.

This time, Hair Fair’s chosen charity is WIGS FOR KIDS. Chi has generously placed Audrey and the following hair style, David as the two styles whose each purchase will ensure that 75% of each transaction benefits the cause.

For the all the guys out there..  ~ David ~


David is for those guys who like long hair and don’t mind being in touch with their feminine side.. * grins wickedly*.. Sorry! Could not resist it. Anyway I find long hair on men sexy and hot. And if it comes in a pony, all the better. So guys wow your *cough* better halves with this dual pony tail hair style. The bands are colour changeable using the provided HUD. David’s virtue is definitely Hot.

Hot David

All the fatpacks are L$795 and each colour pack is L%200. All the hair styles are resize scripted and Audrey and David come with colour changeable HUDs.

So I tried to keep it short to whet your appetite so you will be anxious to pop over as soon as the  Fair starts!

Hope to see ya all around..



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