A Look at the Hair Fair!

Hiya all :).. Hope everyone is doing well. Right now I am at the Hair Fair sim 3 where the ChiChickie! tent is present.

I tried to follow Chief to the tent.. but alas she left me behind.. *cries*..

Anyway finally found my way to Chi’s tent and wow.. it was cute! Take a look at it guys!

An Inside Look At Chi's Stall

In the picture, the David hair style is towards the left side. But I could not get the entire inside in a single picture. On the opposite wall, Chi has featured Damiana and Venus against awesome backgrounds.


I am showcasing all 3 of  Chi’s bandanas.. ain’t they cool?  :D. I am wearing ChiChickie! Blue Glass Bandana in the following picture..

Blue Glass!

It shows the front look and the next one shows the back look of the ChiChickie! Blue Gold Bandana.

Blue Gold!

And here I am like a noob.. O.o.. Fairs reduce everyone to newbies..lol.. Basic black jeans and top and barefoot! I love this look. And no hair too. You should have seen me waddling around.. haha..

The Noob Me!

Anyway I tried flying around to see all the goodies.. and found few cute and awesome bandanas..Here I am showing the best 4.. well according to me.. I can’t gaurantee that you will like them though..

The first one is MAIMAI Love Me Bandana and it’s a cute one with hearts. When you look at it, you will feel like hearts keep dropping from it.


The second one is the Top hat style bandana from Darker Side, simply named Darker Side Bandana. The netting and the rose can be tinted. This reminds me of magicians… Lol. I know it’s silly of me.. But can’t help it..

Darker Side!

The third one is Chi’s favourite . It was so cute that I could not resist buying it. It’s a small little pony on your head.. Lol.. anyway for girls the bandana is pink while for guys it’s blue. It’s from Cilian’gel.


Last but not the least is this funny concoction of lace. This made me smile. So I am including this too. It’s from Sasypant.com named Pearl and Lace. It defies description but gives an awesome look.. hmm.. maybe with a wedding dress? grins..

Pearl and Lace!

And strewn all over the sims are fun poses..But I kept crashing and could not fight the lag for long. So no poses pictures. But do go and try them out :)..

See ya all at the hair fair,

zanna …

With lotsa love!


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