The First Date

I looked at the watch and tried to look nonchalant as I  waited for him to arrive. I was seated at the table for two booked for our first date.


As the time slipped away, my thoughts went back to my day of preparation. The day I had spent in readying myself for this occasion, the day spent at the salon, primping myself, getting the entire works done to impress him.

I guess it was all for nothing. Here I am waiting for him atleast to call to cancel the date. * Sighs*

I  shopped for this awesome flirty red dress giving up my day of leisure and and my best friend spent eons to put on the make up ( she promised that it would surely make him fall hard for me… NOT ).

Ready for the date!

What I really loved about it all was the new hair style I got.. *grins*. The stylist spent hours to get this simple shoulder length style done. I love the way the hair hugs my head giving a sleek look.

I love my new hair style!

Ok I am going to give him 10 minutes tops and then I go back and avoid him when he does call!


Style Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Carlie – Chocolate

Dress – Pure Poison – Scarlett Modern Cocktail Dress

Skin – Pure Poison -Angel Skin

Shoes – In Her Shoes – Basic Series, Pointed  Toe Heels

Shape -OMG! Shapes – Kali



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