SL Discovery Witches Brew 2 Hunt!

Hiya all! It’s zanna again and I am back with some woweeeeee news. First things first..

Those who missed the hair styles releases at Hair Fair can get them at the store.. Yeah, they are finally at home! .. ehm.. i mean at the store. Take a look at them again… A replay of their pictures. You can read more about them at Hair Styles @ Hair Fair

Painting the town RED!

Passion! in Purple - Damiana

Venus ~ Love


Hot David

Now onto the next fab news. ChiChickie! is the third on the list of SL Discovery Witches Brew Hunt this time.. Yay… isn’t it awesome news? * grins* and guess what Chief had to make an impromptu gift since she was delayed by RL.. The lil cauldron is not hard to find at the store. If ya need any help with finding it.. hit me with an IM :)..

Anyway the prize you get for the hunt is ~ Felina ~…

*Hint Hint* does the name remind ya of something? … come on.. Yep you got it! Felina = Feline! So… what do witches looovveeee? Cats! It’s mind boggling isn’t it? Lol.. anyway take a look at the gift.


Isn’t that a cute and halloween-y hair style? Well Felina comes in 5 colours – Black, Black Blue Tint, Black Purple tint, Black Emrald tint and Black Pink tint. I am showing you the tinted colours in different angles so you get an overall idea of the hair.The following picture reminds me of the diagrams I drew at school, the front, side and top views.. lol.. anyway I digress.

Felina-All colours

It comes with a colour HUD to change the colour of the eyes of the cat and its collar. And if you looked closely you would see me wearing a pair of kitty earrings in all the pictures. They are also included as a gift. They are created exclusively for ChiChickie! by Northwest Nights of Serafina Nightfire.

Lil' Kitty!

And last but not the least, there is a gift for guys too… Yep I kept them waiting on purpose…lol.. You guys get a straw hair :)).. with a hat! Take a look..

Straw Man...

Hope ya all enjoy the hunt!

see ya  around,



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