New Release ~ Liz ~

Woohoo, a new release after a long while. It sure feels that way. It is  named… take a deep breath.. and relax.. ok ok.. no more keeping you from  the hair. Please welcome the newest addition to Chi’s Hair salon,  ~ Liz ~


Liz is a wonderful wavy shoulder length hair style with a touch of deliciousness because of the slightly wild look. The flexi bangs and the sculpted curls ensure that the hair sways in the breeze where it should and it stays fixed where it should not be hanging into the face. The curls bounce their merry way as you walk and the strands float and drapes softly over your shoulder. They frame your face to give a sweet and the completely feminine look.

The hair style can be worn for a casual date with your love or a day of shopping with your girl friends. As usual  it comes in 28 colours in 7 packs of 4 colours each and each pack is L$200 and the fatpack is L$ 795 . The textures are from the Series III set and they set off the colours well. Usually there are 30 fatpacks for just L$95. Right now only 18 more are remaining. So get it before the release sale ends.

Till next time,



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