Feel Good..

Hey everyone.. hows you all? Hope you are doing good guys.

I am an Indian and so I watch a lot of Bollywood movies. I think some of you might have heard about them. Anyway I recently watched 3 Idiots (which is a super good movie. It’s worth getting the DVD) and I loved the song All Iz Well.. And I started thinking of the days I have felt left out on Sl because friends were with their other friends or so. We all would have felt like that at one time or the other.

So I am going to share a secret with you. Whenever I have felt low or just plain “poor-me” syndrom*coughs* I have only done one thing till now which usually restores my spirit. I tend to be an obscenely cheerful person. Ask my friends..lol.. they complain about my positive attitude..lol..

What I do is.. put on a super casual outfit… in my case it would be a top with a sufficiently high neck and and a pair of leggins or jeans.. and try out one of the skins which I would have got as a gift but would not have worn till then ( most probably a pale skin which I hate usually )

Feel Good

And .. now comes the most important part. Well what’s missing? Come on.. it’s not so difficult.. Yep you are so right. It’s time for a new hairstyle. I generally choose one of Chi’s, mostly, my second all time favourite ~ Eden ~

Look Good.. Feel Good!

Eden is THE hair style when you need to cool down or get your spirit back to normal. The high pony usually brightens my day..lol… I love how it always goes with almost all casual outfits I wear. I especially how it bounces with your walk. It lightens my soul and makes me smile when I go gallivanting around SL for a while. *Psst*… Did I mention barefoot? yep either go barefoot or put on your socks so that your feet can breathe while you explore :))

This approach usually helps me to bounce back to normal. It works everytime. So try it one of these days you feel the need for a pity party..

Till next time

Z ( looks around and hopes Chief is back soon! )


Store Credits

Hair – ChiChickie! Eden -Chestnut

Skin – CandyDoll Denisa Skin gift

Eyes – PASH Hope eyes in Lavender

Shape – Zaida ( personal shape )

Outfit –  Delicious Designs –  Sweater dress



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