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Hey all! I am back after an uncharacteristic absence of blogging for Chi. And guess what? I am back with a bang.. lol..

Today’s focus is on the dynamic curly hair, Damiana.. and Damian. It’s an unisex hair style. So this week’s hair in the spotlight is also for the guys too.. grins.. This reminds me.. I need to do a look for guys alone.. what do you say guys?.. Do I hear yes? lol.. Anyway onward with the deliciously curly style for girls. Yep boys your turn comes next week.

Girls, you are gonna love… I tell ya, absolutely LOVE Damiana because of the wild, sensual and sexy look you get from this out of control hair. You can’t bunch it up with a hair clip but give it free rein to move as it wishes. So enjoy this look with any kind of dress.. It can dress up a simple tank and jeans or you can use this style with a lovely gown as I have done in the pictures.


The close up of the face gives an idea how the hair flatters your face shape and your friends are going to envy you for the beautiful rich hair.


The curls make me feel like running my hands through them to feel their soft silky texture. What’s the guarantee that your loved one will not? *raises eyebrows in question*..

I am wearing Lil’s Fleur which comes complete with the dress and the shoes. So you guys enjoy the day while I go look for Chiefie..



ChiChickie! in Addicted to Halloween Hunt

The Addicted to Halloween Hunt is on and ChiChickie! is participating with a cute, fun hair style, Halloweena.




It definitely reminds  me of school girls dressing up for trick or treat. The cute double pony tails bounce as you move and the lights give the sparkling effect. The pumpkins appear as if they are lighted from inside and add to the spooky effect. It comes in 4 colours – Black, Crimson, Brunette and Blonde. Take a look gals.


Addicted to Halloween Hunt!for girls


The matching blinking jewelry and belt set can be found at Pannie’s.

And now the gift for the guys.. It’s a cool eerie mummified hear gear, Tater Tut.. Go and scare your friends, especially girlfriends with it.. *winks*..


Tater Tut


The matching skin can be found again at Pannie’s to go along with the mummy head. It’s fun wearing this I frightened someone when I went shopping without removing it first..:D.. And I think it’s good on girls too..


Tater Tut for Halloween King!


The one eye and the big eye glasses will definitely spook everyone.. *beams* .. it’s perfect for the halloween costume .. dontcha think? Do have fun while hunting for the hunt item.. And no shouting the location in local chat please..

Have fun!


High Flyer Cowgirl!

Hi all 🙂 hows you guys? I am good and Chiefie is also good :)).. Today’s post is my typical mid week one focusing on one of Chi’s hair styles.

This week I went horse riding. I have never done it in RL since we don’t have horses at my place. And I have read about it a lot in books, especially Regency romance books *grins*.. I am a bookworm in RL.. lol and a romance nut :D.. Anyway I wanted to try out horse riding in SL. So I went in search of a perfect horse. But before I did I had to get ready for it right? Since I didn’t have any riding habits, I chose Aqua’s High Flyer in Blue since it did sort of resemble the riding habits I have read about. And I matched it with In Her Shoes’ Basic heels.

Now comes the most important part.. the hair do. Which do you think will complete this cowgirl look? *raises eyebrows*.. Yep.. It’s ChiChickie!Tabbie Western. The straight hair with the cowgirl hat lends the right air of roughing it out in the saddle :)..And of course you can change the colour of the hat by clicking on it. You don’t have a HUD for it.

Here I am on a horse enjoying my first ever ride. It was fun cantering around the place. I was exploring the Templemore Village in the Caledon Crown Colony of Magellan.




And I am looking at the different period houses and the fortress..There is a stable where you can rent a free horse to ride. I am riding the Black Beauty. Those who like books will recognize the name and understand why I chose him ^^.


Tabbie for Cowgirl!


I know I look as if I am wide-eyed in the photo. I was looking at all the new sights so eagerly  that I was perpetually in a state of I am wearing the skin which I bought today at the Fifty5 Thursday sale, Dulce Secrets – Elke Champagne.

And I am gonna further explore the riding side of SL.. so see you around guys..


P.S — Chi said to include Slurls too ..woweee. So I have included for all except AQUA. I can’t seem to find it O.o..

Neko Tails and Ears are here!

Awesome goodness, Chief has done it again! Chi is back from being ill and tired and she is full of love for the nekos and the tail lovers.. She has released 3 tails – Slim, Fluffy and Curly. A pair of ears are also included in each pack.

I promise to keep this post short ( as contrary to the previous one ). I seriously don’t have words to talk about ChiChickie!’s new additions…lol.. that’s why I intend to keep it short and  sweet. And also to give you time to go and peruse the merchandise to see the truth of what I say.

As usual there are 7 colour packs each worth L$99 and the fatpack is L$499. Each colour pack contains the respective tail and the ears in the pack colours. I would definitely say that this will be a treat for all nekos. And you can of course match any ChiChickie! hair style with the tails. The tails are interactive using a menu. They can wag and twitch at once or.. wag or twitch.. they can be set as non animated too.

Let me start off with the personal favourite of mine – Fluffy. This is for all who love thick tails and love to show off your feline side. I am going to show the photos since they speak louder than words.


Here I am now wearing Fluffy and I am so cool, aren’t I? *grins*.. I love the way the tail is so lush and soft to touch. The way it wags and twitches.. woweeee.. Chi I love ya! Definitely guys will get it for their girlfriends ^^.

ME wearing Fluffy!

The second one is the Slim style. It is great for men and  cougars and panthers roleplay * beams *..

This one is perfectly paired with Jenna 2. Slim also comes with 2 accessories, Gold and silver stars as do Fluffy and Curly. It usually suits people who like less hairy tails ..

Slim! ME

The last but not the least is Curly. This is another cool one. It perfectly matches Damian/Damiana hair style.


Omg, I loooove this tail style!  I have perfectly straight hair in RL.. so I tend to go for the philosophy, The fields are always greener on the other side of the fence.. it goes something like that. So it’s such a treat to get a curly tail to match my curly hair :D.. Else think how odd it would be to wear a curly hair do and a straight (hair) tail.. O.o…

Curly for Mayor!

All the ears are cute and small and they are perfectly blended in with the hair. I have styled Curly with Damiana, Slim with Ginger and Fluffy with Rachel in my pictures.

All the neko outfits worn are from Envious and they are so affordable. I definitely recommend that store to anyone :)).. And the staff are also very friendly and helpful..

With that Z is taking a break to explore her neko side.. woweee..

Take care!

Let’s Hunt!

Hey all 🙂 It’s Z here..

I don’t want to bore ya all with a long post. So it’s a short one showcasing a look I was wearing when I was chilling yesterday.. But first.. I got news for you.

Bad news is that Chief is ill :(.. and I was crass enough to tease her that she was not on much. Sorry Chi! If I had known that you were sick I would never have said anything. Let’s all hope she gets well soon and hope to see her soon…

GET WELL SOON Chief! (from all of us.. dontcha say guys?)

On the bright side.. she promises us oodles of goodies when she is back *beams*.. But of course no pressure Chi :)) It’s enough if you get well fast!

Ok that’s done now let’s move on to the look of the week. I am in the mood for a plain pants style. So what I pulled on was a couple of gifts from various hunts. Yay to my hunting Seriously hunts are the best way to find awesome places and I don’t mean just a super brand name.

Recently my twinny, Yasy has been on an Asian look diet. So I decided to join him ^^ to help him along ya know..:D.. I found the perfect style, petite and cute. And soooo innocent looking.. lol.. those wide eyes.. you gotta see it..

And I found THE hair style to complete this look. The cami and the leggins combined with a just below the shoulder length hair with a cap to give a wholesome Girl Next Door look? *wriggles eye brows*




I fell in love with the curly medium length hair. It is so soft and lovingly touches your shoulder as you move. The cap is a superb touch to lend a casual air to the hair. The cap’s colour can be changed easily to suit your outfit by simply clicking the cap. You get a menu for either resizing or to change the colour. I am wearing grey cap to keep with my colour code.. I am wearing grey to promote hunting :D..And it has too one of my favourite cap shapes.. lol. Do you know I have 5 caps’ shapes  about which I am absolutely crazy?.. Well that’s for another day :))

For now.. Take a look at this week’s highlight ~ChiChickie! Cassie Cap 2~


I love Cassie!



And take a moment to appreciate all the creators and designers who take part in hunts!

And today there are no credits except to say that except the eyes and the shape the others ( the skin,the cami and the leggins are from the P!nk and the Red Seal Hunts).. if anyone wants to know where I got any of them, IM

And no I didn’t do it coz I am mean but because I am lazy ^^..

Z ( May drop the credits in later … or Not.. Keep an eye out.. lol )