Let’s Hunt!

Hey all 🙂 It’s Z here..

I don’t want to bore ya all with a long post. So it’s a short one showcasing a look I was wearing when I was chilling yesterday.. But first.. I got news for you.

Bad news is that Chief is ill :(.. and I was crass enough to tease her that she was not on much. Sorry Chi! If I had known that you were sick I would never have said anything. Let’s all hope she gets well soon and hope to see her soon…

GET WELL SOON Chief! (from all of us.. dontcha say guys?)

On the bright side.. she promises us oodles of goodies when she is back *beams*.. But of course no pressure Chi :)) It’s enough if you get well fast!

Ok that’s done now let’s move on to the look of the week. I am in the mood for a plain pants style. So what I pulled on was a couple of gifts from various hunts. Yay to my hunting addiction..lol.. Seriously hunts are the best way to find awesome places and I don’t mean just a super brand name.

Recently my twinny, Yasy has been on an Asian look diet. So I decided to join him ^^ to help him along ya know..:D.. I found the perfect style, petite and cute. And soooo innocent looking.. lol.. those wide eyes.. you gotta see it..

And I found THE hair style to complete this look. The cami and the leggins combined with a just below the shoulder length hair with a cap to give a wholesome Girl Next Door look? *wriggles eye brows*




I fell in love with the curly medium length hair. It is so soft and lovingly touches your shoulder as you move. The cap is a superb touch to lend a casual air to the hair. The cap’s colour can be changed easily to suit your outfit by simply clicking the cap. You get a menu for either resizing or to change the colour. I am wearing grey cap to keep with my colour code.. I am wearing grey to promote hunting :D..And it has too one of my favourite cap shapes.. lol. Do you know I have 5 caps’ shapes  about which I am absolutely crazy?.. Well that’s for another day :))

For now.. Take a look at this week’s highlight ~ChiChickie! Cassie Cap 2~


I love Cassie!



And take a moment to appreciate all the creators and designers who take part in hunts!

And today there are no credits except to say that except the eyes and the shape the others ( the skin,the cami and the leggins are from the P!nk and the Red Seal Hunts).. if anyone wants to know where I got any of them, IM me..lol.

And no I didn’t do it coz I am mean but because I am lazy ^^..

Z ( May drop the credits in later … or Not.. Keep an eye out.. lol )


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