Neko Tails and Ears are here!

Awesome goodness, Chief has done it again! Chi is back from being ill and tired and she is full of love for the nekos and the tail lovers.. She has released 3 tails – Slim, Fluffy and Curly. A pair of ears are also included in each pack.

I promise to keep this post short ( as contrary to the previous one ). I seriously don’t have words to talk about ChiChickie!’s new additions…lol.. that’s why I intend to keep it short and  sweet. And also to give you time to go and peruse the merchandise to see the truth of what I say.

As usual there are 7 colour packs each worth L$99 and the fatpack is L$499. Each colour pack contains the respective tail and the ears in the pack colours. I would definitely say that this will be a treat for all nekos. And you can of course match any ChiChickie! hair style with the tails. The tails are interactive using a menu. They can wag and twitch at once or.. wag or twitch.. they can be set as non animated too.

Let me start off with the personal favourite of mine – Fluffy. This is for all who love thick tails and love to show off your feline side. I am going to show the photos since they speak louder than words.


Here I am now wearing Fluffy and I am so cool, aren’t I? *grins*.. I love the way the tail is so lush and soft to touch. The way it wags and twitches.. woweeee.. Chi I love ya! Definitely guys will get it for their girlfriends ^^.

ME wearing Fluffy!

The second one is the Slim style. It is great for men and  cougars and panthers roleplay * beams *..

This one is perfectly paired with Jenna 2. Slim also comes with 2 accessories, Gold and silver stars as do Fluffy and Curly. It usually suits people who like less hairy tails ..

Slim! ME

The last but not the least is Curly. This is another cool one. It perfectly matches Damian/Damiana hair style.


Omg, I loooove this tail style!  I have perfectly straight hair in RL.. so I tend to go for the philosophy, The fields are always greener on the other side of the fence.. it goes something like that. So it’s such a treat to get a curly tail to match my curly hair :D.. Else think how odd it would be to wear a curly hair do and a straight (hair) tail.. O.o…

Curly for Mayor!

All the ears are cute and small and they are perfectly blended in with the hair. I have styled Curly with Damiana, Slim with Ginger and Fluffy with Rachel in my pictures.

All the neko outfits worn are from Envious and they are so affordable. I definitely recommend that store to anyone :)).. And the staff are also very friendly and helpful..

With that Z is taking a break to explore her neko side.. woweee..

Take care!


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