High Flyer Cowgirl!

Hi all 🙂 hows you guys? I am good and Chiefie is also good :)).. Today’s post is my typical mid week one focusing on one of Chi’s hair styles.

This week I went horse riding. I have never done it in RL since we don’t have horses at my place. And I have read about it a lot in books, especially Regency romance books *grins*.. I am a bookworm in RL.. lol and a romance nut :D.. Anyway I wanted to try out horse riding in SL. So I went in search of a perfect horse. But before I did I had to get ready for it right? Since I didn’t have any riding habits, I chose Aqua’s High Flyer in Blue since it did sort of resemble the riding habits I have read about. And I matched it with In Her Shoes’ Basic heels.

Now comes the most important part.. the hair do. Which do you think will complete this cowgirl look? *raises eyebrows*.. Yep.. It’s ChiChickie!Tabbie Western. The straight hair with the cowgirl hat lends the right air of roughing it out in the saddle :)..And of course you can change the colour of the hat by clicking on it. You don’t have a HUD for it.

Here I am on a horse enjoying my first ever ride. It was fun cantering around the place. I was exploring the Templemore Village in the Caledon Crown Colony of Magellan.




And I am looking at the different period houses and the fortress..There is a stable where you can rent a free horse to ride. I am riding the Black Beauty. Those who like books will recognize the name and understand why I chose him ^^.


Tabbie for Cowgirl!


I know I look as if I am wide-eyed in the photo. I was looking at all the new sights so eagerly  that I was perpetually in a state of surprise..lol..And I am wearing the skin which I bought today at the Fifty5 Thursday sale, Dulce Secrets – Elke Champagne.

And I am gonna further explore the riding side of SL.. so see you around guys..


P.S — Chi said to include Slurls too ..woweee. So I have included for all except AQUA. I can’t seem to find it O.o..


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