ChiChickie! in Addicted to Halloween Hunt

The Addicted to Halloween Hunt is on and ChiChickie! is participating with a cute, fun hair style, Halloweena.




It definitely reminds  me of school girls dressing up for trick or treat. The cute double pony tails bounce as you move and the lights give the sparkling effect. The pumpkins appear as if they are lighted from inside and add to the spooky effect. It comes in 4 colours – Black, Crimson, Brunette and Blonde. Take a look gals.


Addicted to Halloween Hunt!for girls


The matching blinking jewelry and belt set can be found at Pannie’s.

And now the gift for the guys.. It’s a cool eerie mummified hear gear, Tater Tut.. Go and scare your friends, especially girlfriends with it.. *winks*..


Tater Tut


The matching skin can be found again at Pannie’s to go along with the mummy head. It’s fun wearing this I frightened someone when I went shopping without removing it first..:D.. And I think it’s good on girls too..


Tater Tut for Halloween King!


The one eye and the big eye glasses will definitely spook everyone.. *beams* .. it’s perfect for the halloween costume .. dontcha think? Do have fun while hunting for the hunt item.. And no shouting the location in local chat please..

Have fun!



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