Hey all! I am back after an uncharacteristic absence of blogging for Chi. And guess what? I am back with a bang.. lol..

Today’s focus is on the dynamic curly hair, Damiana.. and Damian. It’s an unisex hair style. So this week’s hair in the spotlight is also for the guys too.. grins.. This reminds me.. I need to do a look for guys alone.. what do you say guys?.. Do I hear yes? lol.. Anyway onward with the deliciously curly style for girls. Yep boys your turn comes next week.

Girls, you are gonna love… I tell ya, absolutely LOVE Damiana because of the wild, sensual and sexy look you get from this out of control hair. You can’t bunch it up with a hair clip but give it free rein to move as it wishes. So enjoy this look with any kind of dress.. It can dress up a simple tank and jeans or you can use this style with a lovely gown as I have done in the pictures.


The close up of the face gives an idea how the hair flatters your face shape and your friends are going to envy you for the beautiful rich hair.


The curls make me feel like running my hands through them to feel their soft silky texture. What’s the guarantee that your loved one will not? *raises eyebrows in question*..

I am wearing Lil’s Fleur which comes complete with the dress and the shoes. So you guys enjoy the day while I go look for Chiefie..



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