ChiChickie! in InWorldz…

Didn’t I say that I was searching for Chiefie? Well.. after 7-10 days or so I was pretty worried about her since she had not replied to my IMs and guess what did I find? Nothing dire but everything fun. She has been exploring the new world inWorldz and setting up shop there :). Ain’t that great?

For those who don’t know IW, you have got to check it out. What can I say about it? The friendly people? The helpful founders? The new world freshness? The creator’s paradise? The pioneering spirit? It’s a haven for all and a fun place too. In time I will be introducing the destination spots here. So keep a look out for those posts.

Now let’s move on to ChiChickie shops in IW. She has setup the Headquarters in Carson City and the other main branches are in Milan, Angel Beach, Paisean Faisean, and Martini’s and few more smaller boutiques are in the works and the last time I counted the entire number was around 6. Phew.. I guess Chief Chickie has been pretty busy.


All the hair styles are given as MOD/COPY so you can modify it to your shape as it doesn’t have a re sizer yet. N refunds for broken modified hair! The colours which are available are Black, Blonde, Brunette, Chocolate, Copper, Crimson, Mocha, Platinum, Honey, Red and Silver. Each colour is I’z 150 and no fat packs yet.

The Men’s store CC! for Men has also been open for a while and has one of the best collections so far for guys. Those are not my But I met a IWer yesterday, Lanz whom I have quoted here. There he is wearing Scott 🙂


Well Chiefie you gave everyone a scare and the next time you go play in a new world please let us know! so we can join in too 😀

Till next time which will be this weekend ( Hint! Hint! )



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