A multifaceted hair style…


I love Chi’s hairdos and have a number of favorites among them.. but I believe her most recent release Noelle to be far above everything else because of its multi faceted use.

The short hair style can be worn for a night of clubbing with your friends or for a lovely performance of our singers in IW like Annan.. winks.. coupled with a formal gown. I especially love the soft bangs and the semi wild flare of the hair tips. In a few words, you are ready to shine at any event in Noelle..

And this reminds me , this full sensual hair style is a perfect choice for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. It will drive your date wild and make you a fantasy woman. So come and get it and enjoy a new side of YOU in it.. Imagine you flaunting your new vanity.. the hair swaying with your every move.. I can literally see guys sweat! ..lol..

It’s available in SL and IW. The only difference is that IW version has 11 colours compared to the 28 colour range of SL.. and no resize script in IW too.. but adjusting hair to our style is the fun part ain’t it? :D…


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