Rhinestone Runaway

So Chiana tells me she has something to show me. I immediately thought “More hair already?!” but, I was wrong. She has ventured into creating color change accessories and released a “Rhinestone Accessories Pack” to match any outfit you’re wearing. Ooooh I heart customization so much!

This set includes Sunglasses, Bangles, Hair Band, and even a nifty purse! You can tint everything in the pack as well as adjust the shine with unlimited color combinations to keep you busy for hours. There is even a free pair of sunglasses on the counter waiting for you!!!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by KRB Skins

Shape by + Huwa*Yura +

Hairband by ChiChickie!

Tank by Ibizarre

Sunglasses by ChiChickie!

Bracelet by ChiChickie!

Purse by ChiChickie!

Shorts by Aurora

Boots by *AuMa*

– Whisper D


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