Completely Cute Ellie!

The uberly cute Ellie is set to be released today and it’s sweet as cherry pie! The adorable braided pigtails come with color changeable ties and works with the Universal HUD to achieve any matching color you want. How can I express my love for pigtails? Pictures!!!

Whether or not your going back to school, rekindling those summer weekends, or relaxing in your skybox with a friend. It’s one for all ages and could easily be a go-to type of style for gals!

I think this is my favorite. I like all of the styles this past month but, there is just something about this. Maybe it’s the kid in me? I have a soft spot for girly pigtails and it’s just too precious for words.

The Ellie fatpack will be sale Saturday and Sunday. You can snatch up this pretty style at only 95L for a limited time. Join the subscription or in world group to receive one free color from the Ellie release. You don’t want to miss out on this lovable style. Chichickie fan’s should enjoy this one for sure. I do!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by Curio

Shape by KRB (part of Melissa Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Dragon Lady’s Closet

Shirt by *ARAI*

Shorts by +mocha+

Boots by *originary*

– Whisper D


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