Brandi And Wendy

Another humongous release by the collaborating duo team of Chichickie and KRB Skins. Now operating together productively as Synergy Avatar Enhancement. They bring you another pair of total avatar packages at affordable prices. I absolutely loveeeeeeee the hair on this one!

Meet “Brandi” a sultry hot mama with classic features who knows what she wants… and knows just how to get it. She’s dressed to tempt and tease with her dusky skin and red luscious lips. Raaawr!

Let me introduce you to “Wendy” an adorable green-eyed irish sprite who’s appeal hides a spicy redhead’s temperament! She’s sportin’ a little green dotted babydoll top with a gem embellishment, matching jeans and polkadot pumps.

All to match her dimpled chin, carefree cinnamon hair, and pretty heart-shaped face. Each avatar comes packed with a Shape, Hair, Skin, Eyes, Eyelashes, Makeup, Clothing, Jewelry, and Shoes. At a introductory low price of 295L each! The shoes, hair, and skins are also available separately.

Go to ChiChickie!


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