Where’s Cami And Naida?

Another collaborating release by the duo team of Chichickie and KRB Skins as Synergy Avatar Enhancement. They are back again bringing you another pair of total avatar packages at affordable prices. Check out Cami’s unique face and the luscious lashes really bring out the pretty eyes!

Say Hello to Cami. The comfy blue flowered outfit, quirky shoulder length brown hair, and dainty shape don’t compare to her precious cherub face with matching treasured brown eyes!

Naida is a new exotic release. This sophisticated brown eyed lady is full of personality and her clothes are stylish. She’s sportin’ a snazzy hairstyle to match her fashionable skirt outfit and elegant sandals. This groovy gal is such a unique gem for a bargain price!

Each avatar comes packed with a Shape, Hair, Skin, Eyes, Eyelashes, Makeup, Clothing, Jewelry, and Shoes. At a introductory low price of 295L each. Also if you’re interested. The shoes, hair, and skins are also available separately!

Go to ChiChickie!


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