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Black Friday Sale!

Don’t overstuff on turkey just yet. Save some strength for…

The Black Friday Sale! 30 items through out the piazza.

Look for the little “SECRET” signs to discover 10L deals

from ChiChickie!, KRB, Synergy, and XANcast radios.

Don’t miss this spectacular event, going on Friday through Sunday only.

Starts at 12 AM on Thursday!

GO to ChiChickie!


Once In A Noelle

Get out your cocoa cups as Noelle ice skates into the weekend on sale for a limited time. You can get all 4 special edition colors in one set for 60L. Special hairstyle sale ends Sunday at Midnight SLT!

Stay tuned for new release deals, group gifts, holiday surprises, and more. Don’t forget the 10L beret at the front counter and join the group for more upcoming news and freebies!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by Pink Fuel

Shape by Synergy (part of Brandi Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Exodi

Scarf by *G Field*

Dress by Moxie Polana’s

Boots by Aoharu

– Whisper D

Beautiful Like Brandi!

Brandi is a familiar but, a sexy and very stylish release this week. The sleak tresses will leave ChiChickie’s longing for more!

My favorite style this month. The precious poofy top and foxy long length of hair gives my face a sultry look that’s is just saucy enough to please and cute enough to tease!

The 95L exclusive sale price for the entire fatpack is available through the weekend for 2 days only. Join the subscription or in world group to receive one free color. Don’t miss out on the freebies!!!

Hair by ChiChickie!


Shape by Synergy (part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Synergy (part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Dress by Kyoot

Socks by Curious Kitties

Boots by Decoy

– Whisper D