Alleyway Of Kiele’s Mind

The rebelliously long and wavy Kiele style is a straight colored new release this week. I’m particularly loving the unusual tinted colors on this one which give me a unique and different look!

Kiele also uses the useful color touch system. It’s easier than ever to keep every color with less clutter in your inventory. User friendly and simple. If you’re looking for more information on how to use. Check it out the Chameleon ColorTouch System page!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Eyes by Plastik

Skin by KRB Skins

Shape by Synergy (part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)


Glasses by Beatnik

Shirt by Zenith

Shorts by Plastik

Socks by Eclectic Apparel

Boots by Kumaki

Also this weekend is the 4-pack 60L hairstyles on sale just until Midnight on Sunday!!!

Go to ChiChickie!

– Whisper D


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