Beachside With Christopher

I was chatting with Chiana about new releases coming up and it accord to me that I hadn’t posted any guy stuff in a long time. I thought it was best to start with the Christopher style. It is the newest style made for men and it has that spring/summer just cut look for the cutie guy in your life!

The blonde color is my favorite and it’s perfect for that beach babe look. It’s a little too cold for swimming yet so Christopher took a lonely walk on the beach alone but, surely with those blonde pretty boy looks he won’t be sittin’ by himself in the sand for very long. Will he? *wink wink*

Hair by ChiChickie!

Eyes by Sorry.Asia

Skin by Dead Bunneh

Shape by Maverick Design

Glasses by Reek

Vest by A:S:S

Sweater by Ducknipple

Pants by Young Urban

Shoes by hoorenbeek

– Whisper D


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