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Sassy As Sophie

New release today!!! Sophie comes as a rumpled and still sexy style. A nice short length for summer and plenty of sass left over. The fatpack is on sale for 95L until Wednesday (7/25/12) at midnight! It’s also available for cute petite avatars as well. Don’t miss out on the bargain fatpack price!

There is also a free gift to subscription members today. If you’re not a member…sign up at the store and receive a free color of this new style and future releases!

Hair by ChiChickie!


Eyes by Plastik

Dress by Emery

– Whisper D


Avery After Hours

Avery is another new release available at the Hair Fair 2012 which is now in full swing. Deprim and explore it! This short and savvy style is all business for being sensuous. It also a unisex cut so the guys can check it out too. Remember, 25% of the proceeds are donated to Wigs For Kids!

Avery is a attractive short summer style with just the right sultry movement for the sophisicated ladies but, appealing enough to even the gentlemen to sport it around as something unique.

Here is the male unisex Avery style… sleak and different isn’t it?

On the female…

Hair by ChiChickie!

Shape by Shine

Skin by Tuli

Makeup by Mother Goose

Dress by [AV] VLODOVIC

Collar & Tie by SF Design

On the male…

Hair by ChiChickie!

Shape by Pocket Mirrors

Skin by Miasnow

Suit by Gizza

– Whisper D

Just Hanging Out With Jolene

Hair Fair 2012 has begun and Chichickie! is where you can find Jolene. A flexi style with some sass. 25% of the proceeds are donated to Wigs For Kids. Don’t miss out on this. It’s for a good cause!

Jolene is a shoulder length choppy look for edgier gals on the grid. It uses the simple color touch system. It’s easier than ever to keep every color with less clutter in your inventory.

ChiChickie! is one of the few booths at the Hair Fair specifically offering hairstyles for petites. Yup, it’s true! Don’t forget to pick up your FREE low lag skins exclusively for the Hair Fair at the store.

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by Pink Fuel

Shape by vive9

Shirt by Ducknipple

Skirt by Kloka

Petite Avatar by Mynerva

Petite Outfit by Tiny Bubbles

– Whisper D

A Day With Delilah

Hair Fair 2012 begins FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT and Chichickie! is donating 25% to Wigs For Kids. Chiana’s bringing new hairdo’s and petite releases to the event. Don’t miss out this year!

First up is this curly and girly style called Delilah. It comes with a cute texture-changeable tiny fedora. The flexi locks move as you groove in the clubs, take a walk in the park, or lay in the sun!

So speaking of petite releases. I finally got my hands on a petite avatar and they are just adorable with Chichickie hairstyles. You must join the Hair Fair Demo group. Designers will send out their demos on July 13th to the group. Customers have the opportunity to try on all styles at home with no lag so you can decide which hairs you want to buy without the hassle. Be on the lookout for the ones from ChiChickie! Also Chiana is offering FREE low lag skins exclusively for the Hair Fair. She’s putting out a new gift every day between now and when the fair opens with low lag outfits.

Hair by ChiChickie!


Shape by Fudge

Eyes by Poetic Colors

Shirt by NV Madworld

Pants by Miau Haus (closed!)

Pose by D.Luxx

Petite Avatar by Mynerva

Petite Dress by Wishbox

– Whisper D