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Rambles about Hair Fair 2013, Mesh Hair, and some pics of new styles at ChiChickie!

Hi there, ChiChickie! Fans – there’s been quite a gap since we last posted — rl has intervened for me and for Whisper, who’s done such a good job for the past few years of keeping the ChiChickie! Blog going.  Since she’s tied up irl, it’s up to me to get some info up here, and now seems a great time to do that! I’ve got a lot of new stuff in the store — We have a bunch of new styles that were released during Hair Fair 2013, and I just put out a new style recently!

Hair Fair was just amazing this year.  Thanks to Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx, Mel Vanbeeck and the whole Hair Fair 2013 committee, the total raised for Wigs for Kids came out to be $L 4,157,251  — that blows our previous record year (last year) out of the water by well over a million lindens.  That’s just AMAZING.

20% of every sale from my kiosk went toward that total, so I am so grateful to everyone who purchased a ChiChickie! style this year.

Speaking of my Hair Fair styles – this year was my first real foray into mesh.  It took me over a year to teach myself Blender and rigging to the point where I had a style I was happy with, and I released my first mesh hair, Jacinta, back in May.  Then Hair Fair was upon us.  For a while, I struggled with various ways of making sculpts to try and stay “old school” on my construction.  Lots of customers had indicated to me that they still preferred prim construction over mesh.   So I struggled with attempts to upload my hairs, designed in Blender, as individual sculpts etc. and things just didn’t work that way.  Then the new “server side appearance” release was scheduled for 7/9 — just a few days before Hair Fair, and I thought seriously about it.. .and decided that, since all the viewers were required to be updated to accommodate the server side push by 7/9, then by default, everyone would have to have a mesh capable viewer.  So I just gave in to my own desires and went full-on MESH.  And I’m really very pleased with how my styles came out.  It was a “hella-learning curve” to get to that point, but I now prefer designing in Blender.  The controls are now second nature, and the precision with which I can model my styles really helps me to more closely realize my “vision” on a new style.

This is the beginning of a new “phase” of ChiChickie!  I am considering a total re-brand/relaunch — with a new store, a new vision, and a new name.  It’s not happening tomorrow, but that’s where I’m focusing my energies right about now.

Until that happens, I’ll continue to release new styles and put out great new stuff as I refine my mesh skills and expand my offerings.  TTFN, Li’l Chickies!  Here are some pictures of my recent styles to enjoy.  Come on over to the store and try them in person, why dontcha??

Reef---Ad-Pic  Pepper---Ad-Pic  Kate---Ad-Pic  Jessie---Ad-Pic  DeeDee---Ad-Pic  Melanie---Ad-Pic


SECRET SALE at ChiChickie! 15 styles for $10L each!

Secret Sale!

ChiChickie! Secret Sale! 3 Days only!
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 21 – 23!


ChiChickie!’s famous “Secret” sale is back! With more styles than ever, randomly selected in random color packs, ON SALE for only $10L each!

Tell only your best hair fanatic friends!

15 random 4-color packs of 15 random hair styles in the store are marked down from $200L to $10 L through Sunday 9/23! What’s the secret?? They’re marked with a tiny little “SECRET” sign – you have to SEARCH for them! Come and find them all!

HURRY! 3 Days Only!

Click the link to visit the store inworld! –> ChiChickie!

60L Weekend Sale Items are on Sale Now!

*O M G* …. Two of ChiChickie!’s most POPULAR styles are on sale for only $60L/pack this weekend!!  Tell your friends!  HURRY: Sale ends Sunday at Midnight SLT!


ChiChickie! Irene

ChiChickie! Irene


ChiChickie! Bailey

ChiChickie! Bailey

Go on… buy a few… who can resist at this price?! Go to ChiChickie!

Juliana is RELEASED! ON SALE until Tues. 7/26!


AS ALWAYS WITH A NEW RELEASE – I’m putting the fatpacks of the new release on sale for $95L for 3 full days! HURRY! you have until 11:59 pm SLT on 7/26 to get this special price! LOOK FOR THE DISPLAY IN THE CENTER ATRIUM OF THE STORE!

See Whisper’s great post below for pictures and info!



ChiChickie! Secret Sale! (And 50% off Gift Cards, and new giftie, and hunt gift too!)

Shhhh — It’s a Secret Sale at ChiChickie! Tell only your best hair fanatic friends!

10 random 4-color packs of 10 random hair styles in the store are marked down from $200L to $10 L through Saturday 4/30! What’s the secret?? They’re not marked – you have to SEARCH for them! Come and find them all!


Get them as Easter gifts for all your friends!

OR… stock up your own stash, and use them to get discounts for current and upcoming ChiChickie! Releases! WE WON’T TELL!

Just in Time For Valentine’s Day…

Two beautiful new styles from ChiChickie!

ChiChickie! Angelique

ChiChickie! Angelique

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ChiChickie! releases our most beautiful updo yet! Silky and dreamy, Angelique is a softly feminine upsweep of shining hair, with a large “messy” knot at the nape of your neck. Softly moving tendrils keep it looking touchably soft. Crown it with the included “Color Change Roses Hair Comb” , a ChiChickie! Universal Hud compatible hair accessory that makes it perfect for that romantic Valentines date, but makes the style more versatile by being attached separately!

ChiChickie! Dawn

ChiChickie! Dawn

Unbelievably silky and tempting, Dawn’s straight tresses reach all the way down to the small of your back. Sweet fringe bangs frame your eyes to flatter every face shape!

Both styles now available in all 28 of ChiChickie!’s shining Series 3 textures!

If you’re a member of the ChiChickie! Subscrib-o-Matic, you’ve just gotten one hair FREE as my gift to you! If you’re not… what’s stopping you!? Come to the store today and join!

Don’t Miss our Adorable Valentines Day Head Boppers!

Who says Valentine’s day is all romance? There should be some silly fun included too, and for $20L , you can afford to collect all of our 2011 Valentine’s Day Head Boppers!  3 Diff styles and 12 Different  colors to choose from!  Here are just a few!

Neon Hearts Head Boppers

Neon Hearts Head Boppers

Glitter Hearts Head Boppers

Glitter Hearts Head Boppers

Heart Flowers Head Boppers

Heart Flowers Head Boppers

New Hair Release @ ChiChickie! “Noelle”

“Noelle” – Originally created for the POE Hunt in a limited range of colors, “Noelle” is pure femininity – a tousled mane of seductively shimmering curls, framing the face with flattering silken waves that caress your neck and shoulders as you move.

"ChiChickie! Noelle"

"ChiChickie! Noelle"

Now available in all 28 of ChiChickie!’s shining Series 3 textures!

**$95l FATPACK SALE** As always, when I’ve got a new release…  I’ve put out a limited # of the new style FATPACKS for only $95L! Come and get them before they’re gone! ONLY 40 fatpacks will be sold at this amazing price!(Fatpacks are normally $749L!)