Hunt Gifts

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Chichickie!!!!!
Don’t forget to grab the free Peace On Earth hunt gift
with matching Christmas hair style gifts
for men, women, and petities!

Go to ChiChickie!

~ Whisper Despres


Happy Halloween

Halloween is just a few days a way and there are Chichickie! hunt gifts from the Trick Or Treat Trail to be grabbed to get you on your way to a spooktacular costume. Male and female versions!

Hunt Hair & Skull by ChiChickie!

Pumpkin Dress by Rabbit Kiss

Hunt Hat & Skull by ChiChickie!

Pimp Costume by Wayward Angels Reunite

– Whisper D

Hunt Gifts At Chichickie!

Have you been to ChiChickie yet to grab the Finding Fabfree hunt gifts? Free Hair! Where where? Male and female hairs included. Petite versions too! Dara and Tyler styles. Get over there!

Don’t forget today is the LAST DAY for the SECRET SALE. Fifteen random hair styles in the store are marked down from $200L to $10L. What a steal of a deal! You just gotta find the tiny little secret sign on each one. There’s 15 of them so good luck!

Dara Hair by ChiChickie!
Finding Fabfree hunt gift

Skin by Vive9

Shape & Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Dress by D!VA

Tyler Hair by ChiChickie!
Finding Fabfree hunt gift

Skin by Dulce Secrets

Shape by ISPACHI

Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Suit by GizzA

– Whisper D

ChiChickie! in Addicted to Halloween Hunt

The Addicted to Halloween Hunt is on and ChiChickie! is participating with a cute, fun hair style, Halloweena.




It definitely reminds  me of school girls dressing up for trick or treat. The cute double pony tails bounce as you move and the lights give the sparkling effect. The pumpkins appear as if they are lighted from inside and add to the spooky effect. It comes in 4 colours – Black, Crimson, Brunette and Blonde. Take a look gals.


Addicted to Halloween Hunt!for girls


The matching blinking jewelry and belt set can be found at Pannie’s.

And now the gift for the guys.. It’s a cool eerie mummified hear gear, Tater Tut.. Go and scare your friends, especially girlfriends with it.. *winks*..


Tater Tut


The matching skin can be found again at Pannie’s to go along with the mummy head. It’s fun wearing this I frightened someone when I went shopping without removing it first..:D.. And I think it’s good on girls too..


Tater Tut for Halloween King!


The one eye and the big eye glasses will definitely spook everyone.. *beams* .. it’s perfect for the halloween costume .. dontcha think? Do have fun while hunting for the hunt item.. And no shouting the location in local chat please..

Have fun!


SL Discovery Witches Brew 2 Hunt!

Hiya all! It’s zanna again and I am back with some woweeeeee news. First things first..

Those who missed the hair styles releases at Hair Fair can get them at the store.. Yeah, they are finally at home! .. ehm.. i mean at the store. Take a look at them again… A replay of their pictures. You can read more about them at Hair Styles @ Hair Fair

Painting the town RED!

Passion! in Purple - Damiana

Venus ~ Love


Hot David

Now onto the next fab news. ChiChickie! is the third on the list of SL Discovery Witches Brew Hunt this time.. Yay… isn’t it awesome news? * grins* and guess what Chief had to make an impromptu gift since she was delayed by RL.. The lil cauldron is not hard to find at the store. If ya need any help with finding it.. hit me with an IM :)..

Anyway the prize you get for the hunt is ~ Felina ~…

*Hint Hint* does the name remind ya of something? … come on.. Yep you got it! Felina = Feline! So… what do witches looovveeee? Cats! It’s mind boggling isn’t it? Lol.. anyway take a look at the gift.


Isn’t that a cute and halloween-y hair style? Well Felina comes in 5 colours – Black, Black Blue Tint, Black Purple tint, Black Emrald tint and Black Pink tint. I am showing you the tinted colours in different angles so you get an overall idea of the hair.The following picture reminds me of the diagrams I drew at school, the front, side and top views.. lol.. anyway I digress.

Felina-All colours

It comes with a colour HUD to change the colour of the eyes of the cat and its collar. And if you looked closely you would see me wearing a pair of kitty earrings in all the pictures. They are also included as a gift. They are created exclusively for ChiChickie! by Northwest Nights of Serafina Nightfire.

Lil' Kitty!

And last but not the least, there is a gift for guys too… Yep I kept them waiting on purpose…lol.. You guys get a straw hair :)).. with a hat! Take a look..

Straw Man...

Hope ya all enjoy the hunt!

see ya  around,


Update! 8th location added to the store hunt!

UPDATE – ChiChickie! The Great Store Hunt – Now has 8 locations (one of my resellers was able to participate), so there are 8 total gifties now (10 hairs, including a few guy styles!)…. new notecard in the poster has all the lms, in case you get stuck and want to skip, and the headquarters location has a hint box!
Here’s a pic of the prize added just a bit ago @ Sunrise Dream–
New Prize for Hunt @ Sunrise Dream - Libby Claire 2

New Prize for Hunt @ Sunrise Dream - Libby Claire 2

Happy hunting, everyone!
Chiana Meredith
Chief Chickie! <— This is why Zanna always calls me Chief, hee hee!)

The Great Store Hunt @ ChiChickie!

Hiya all! Chief has gone and put out an impromptu hunt starting from today, August 21 to August 27 since she is busy preparing for the Hair Fair and has no New Release for us. Isn’t it awesome of her?

Regarding the hunt, you need to find a hair clip (it is of any colour) in all the ChiChickie! stores. The hunt starts at the main store and moves on to the different satellite stores and finally ends in the CC! for Men store. You need to find 7 hair clips and it includes 9 different hair styles, 7 for women and 2 for men. So everyone’s happy with the hunt. I would like to say that the clips are well camouflaged and I would advise everyone to look close at each object! When you find the first clip (Chi has a hint in the green box near the entrance), you will get the LM to the next store and so on.

The following are the hunt prizes and each comes in at least 2 colours. I have not listed in the order they may be found.

Starting from left to right, Lealie is a cute and flirty two ponytail style , good for a school girl look. Pannie is a wonderful casual style mainly suited for the tom boyish or a pant suit look. Blossom is a great long ponytail with a flower ornament perfect for a homey look.

Anna 2 is an elegant updo which looks good with formal wear and long skirts. Cassie Western 2 is perfect for the cowgirl look with the wide brim hat and  the curly hair. Kyra is a long curly hairdo which goes with almost all outfits especially good for sun dresses.

Monica is a shoulder length style with a bell like appearance and with bangs hanging over an eye giving a reserved look to a person.  Scott is a longish, shoulder length hair with a tousled look, giving the air of a pirate or a rake to the wearer, while Aaron is a very short tightly wound hair do for men.

So guys.. tp over to have a great time getting these cool prizes!

Happy Hunting!