Old Styles

Lucy Needs Love

This month don’t go without a special hairstyle for that romantic date on Valentine’s Day.

Lucy is a versatile updo for a night of lovely dancing or perfect for a evening of fun with friends.

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by vive9

Shape by Synergy
(part of Wendy Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Tuli

Lipstick by AG Cosmestics

Glasses by Artilleri

Dress by Lo*Momo

Boots by Anexx

– Whisper D


Amanda By Day

Amanda is a casual shoulder waving style that was released at the Hair Fair this passed year in 2012. I chose to feature Amanda this week because it’s a comfy hairdo that is also available for petites too.

If you are out shopping this weekend for a new snazzy hair… check out Amanda at Chichickie!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by KRB Skins and Things

Shape Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Glasses by Iruco

Dress by KANIVAL

Tights by Wunderland

Boots by Kumaki

– Whisper D

Memory Of Monday

I don’t enjoy Monday’s unless I get to login to SL and shop while pretending the week hasn’t started over. I’m wearing the Godiva style today. I find that it’s particularly pretty in the silver color but, it’s for sale in other lovely shades as well. You check it out in world at Chichickie!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by Glam Affair

Shape Synergy
(part of Holli Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Elf Ears by bubble

Makeup by ALEIDA

Collar by Violet Voltaire

Necklace by Caroline’s Jewelry

Dress by SAKIDE

Heels by GABRIEL

– Whisper D

Aaron Is Watching You

It’s the middle of the week and I was checking out the cute male hairstyles by Chiana. Aaron in brunette caught my eye because the color matched perfectly with this male skin I had seen a week ago. Aaron is a short choppy style made for manly men who love outdoors you know?

I caught Aaron camping out in the trees just before it get’s too hot outside. I think he’s looking for someone to go fishing with him. Poor fella! Send your boyfriends to check out the Aaron style and discover a new favorite color of your own ChiChickie!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Eyes by L’s Kingdom

Skin by MunSpain

Shape by Ultra Shape

Sweater by Gizza

Pants by TuttiFrutti

Shoes by hoorenbeek

– Whisper D

Lovely As Libby

Today was such a gorgeous day on my side of the world and I wanted to put on something that is equally as stunning. I couldn’t think of a better style to show off. Seriously sooooo pretty!

Libby Claire is just that splendid and goes lovely with this dress or any outfit, honestly. It’s very versatile for casual evenings or formal occasions. Never too much elegance for a lady!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Eyes by Birth

Skin by And Bean (mainstore closed?)

Dress by .nami dasshu. (mainstore closed?)

Boots by hoorenbeek

– Whisper D

Beachside With Christopher

I was chatting with Chiana about new releases coming up and it accord to me that I hadn’t posted any guy stuff in a long time. I thought it was best to start with the Christopher style. It is the newest style made for men and it has that spring/summer just cut look for the cutie guy in your life!

The blonde color is my favorite and it’s perfect for that beach babe look. It’s a little too cold for swimming yet so Christopher took a lonely walk on the beach alone but, surely with those blonde pretty boy looks he won’t be sittin’ by himself in the sand for very long. Will he? *wink wink*

Hair by ChiChickie!

Eyes by Sorry.Asia

Skin by Dead Bunneh

Shape by Maverick Design

Glasses by Reek

Vest by A:S:S

Sweater by Ducknipple

Pants by Young Urban

Shoes by hoorenbeek

– Whisper D

Cheryl At Valentine’s Market

Here I am checking out the sales over at the Valentine’s Market. Cheryl in honey is curly and girly enough to prance around the sale with and shopping is always fun!

If you haven’t stopped in there to check out the Valentine’s day deals. Sale ends February 15th!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by JeSyLiLO

Shape by census

Eyes by Ibanez

Outfit by Zenith Fashions

– Whisper D