Chameleon ColorTouch System


— Touch —
To use the ColorTouch system, simply touch the hair. If presented with an option, choose either base or highlights, and you will be presented with a choice of colors. (If you are immediately presented with color options, that means highlighting or accessories are not an option on this particular hair.) Click the name of the color you desire, and presto! The hair will retexture with the appropriate textures for each piece. (Note that some hairs require use of a tattoo layer hair base. This will be included separately if required. Unfortunately, there is no way to script tattoo layers, so you’ll receive the matching set of individual colors with your hair pack.)

–HUD (optional)–
The Chameleon ColorTouch system is designed to work with the ChiChickie! Universal HUD, which will be included with each style. This is for those who would like to pick the colors by seeing them, rather than by name. (If you know your preferred color, this isn’t necessary – just nice and fun to look at.) Just wear the hair, click the appropriate tab for either Hair Color or Highlights (if applicable), then click the color you’d like to apply. Detach the HUD until next time!

The hair is scripted and must keep the scripts to function properly for color change and resize, but all scripts reside in the root prim. No listener scripts are used, and the menus time out after a short rest period. This keeps it from contributing to lag when not being actively clicked and/or used.

PLEASE NOTE: The hairs are mod/copy, and should you truly have a burning desire to remove all scripts, it is perfectly possible to customize the hair to your preferences, then rez a copy in world, edit and remove scripts, then pick up the non-scripted hair. If you are not familiar with editing objects, this is not recommended, but whatever you decide to do, ALWAYS KEEP A COPY – replacements will generally not be given for hair that has had scripts removed when a copy has not been made.

*– Note — “Regular Releases” refer to hairstyle releases made as a general addition to inventory. The Chameleon ColorTouch system may, or may NOT apply to gifts, hunt items, or other special promotional items, or acccessories.


Smart Buy Packs include all 28 colors below but not special edition colors:

Blondes: Ash, Blonde, Golden Honey
Brunettes: Brunette, Chestnut, Chocolate, Mocha
Mixed Darks: Black, Black Pink Tint, Mahogany, Smoke
Reds: Copper, Crimson, Dark Auburn, Red
Pearls: Pearl Blue, Pearl Green, Pearl Pink, Pearl Purple
Black Tints: Black Blue Tint, Black Emerald Tint, Black Purple Tint, Black Teal Tint
Silvers: Grey, Platinum, Silver, White

Special Edition/Synergy Shades: Cinnamon, Espresso, Vanilla, Walnut

Every color pack (including Smart Buy packs) will be released with only one prim hair. The hair is scripted to change textures (not just tint, but actual textures) to any of the colors in the respective color pack. See the color pack breakdown below.

Hairs Featuring the Chameleon ColorTouch System include:


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