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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Chichickie!!!!!
Don’t forget to grab the free Peace On Earth hunt gift
with matching Christmas hair style gifts
for men, women, and petities!

Go to ChiChickie!

~ Whisper Despres


Happy Halloween

Halloween is just a few days a way and there are Chichickie! hunt gifts from the Trick Or Treat Trail to be grabbed to get you on your way to a spooktacular costume. Male and female versions!

Hunt Hair & Skull by ChiChickie!

Pumpkin Dress by Rabbit Kiss

Hunt Hat & Skull by ChiChickie!

Pimp Costume by Wayward Angels Reunite

– Whisper D

Hunt Gifts At Chichickie!

Have you been to ChiChickie yet to grab the Finding Fabfree hunt gifts? Free Hair! Where where? Male and female hairs included. Petite versions too! Dara and Tyler styles. Get over there!

Don’t forget today is the LAST DAY for the SECRET SALE. Fifteen random hair styles in the store are marked down from $200L to $10L. What a steal of a deal! You just gotta find the tiny little secret sign on each one. There’s 15 of them so good luck!

Dara Hair by ChiChickie!
Finding Fabfree hunt gift

Skin by Vive9

Shape & Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Dress by D!VA

Tyler Hair by ChiChickie!
Finding Fabfree hunt gift

Skin by Dulce Secrets

Shape by ISPACHI

Eyes by Synergy
(part of Cami Total Avatar by ChiChickie! & KRB Skins)

Suit by GizzA

– Whisper D

ChiChickie Red Dot 75% Off Clearance Sale!

Go to ChiChickie!

Black Friday Sale!

Don’t overstuff on turkey just yet. Save some strength for…

The Black Friday Sale! 30 items through out the piazza.

Look for the little “SECRET” signs to discover 10L deals

from ChiChickie!, KRB, Synergy, and XANcast radios.

Don’t miss this spectacular event, going on Friday through Sunday only.

Starts at 12 AM on Thursday!

GO to ChiChickie!

Lealie At The Market

The adorable Lealie pigtail 4-color pack goes on sale this weekend for only 60L. Which leaves plenty of lindens left over to venture into other places for shopping and these piggies went to the market!!!

I browsed through the various tables at the Road Market Sale in Sannomiya. Designers across the sim have set out items for the summer with up to 75% off and Lucky Boards all over the place!

The market sales event ends August 31st so you still have a couple weeks to check it out!

Hair by ChiChickie!

Skin by :Curio:

Shape by Huwa*Yura

Eyes by ::Umedama Holic::

Outfit by [M2M] Minutes to Midnight

Boots by [Decoy]

– Whisper D

Shhh! Secret Sale @ ChiChickie! 10 Color Packs, $10L each!

SHHH!! It’s a secret! Tell only your best hair-fanatic friends!! Hidden in the main ChiChickie store at Pioneer, there are ten random colorpacks of ten random styles that are marked down from $200L to $10L through Thursday, 5/27/10 at 9pm SLT! Run and find them now!